How to win in business with the slight edge

Back in my early 20s, I thought I was making good money, until I attended Dan Peña’s castle seminar.

Everything around me was so expensive. I drank from a crystal glass. I rang a little bell to call the butler…

I felt really out of place.

I was definitely the least successful person there. All the other guys were talking about deals worth millions of dollars — while I felt uncomfortable paying even just the attendance fee.

After a few days, however, I started getting more comfortable and the strangest thing happened…

When I looked at all the other attendees at the castle, I started to realize.

They’re not 10x starter than me. And they definitely don’t work 10x harder than I do.

I thought to myself, “Maybe I could be as successful as them too.”

And really, the only thing that separated me from these very successful guys was one small thing…

The Small Difference Between Success And Failure


You’re watching the 100-metre sprint at the Olympics.

The crowd’s anticipation is building…

“On your mark. Get set.”


And they’re off…

Ten seconds later, the results are in.

Gold. Silver. Bronze.

The whole crowd applauds for the gold medalist. He gets all the wealth and fame. 

The silver and bronze medalists, on the other hand, are forgotten.

Almost nobody remembers them.

So let me ask you…

How much did the gold medalist win by?

Often, it’s just by an inch.

One inch.

One inch is the difference between winning and losing.

One inch is the difference between eternal glory and becoming forgotten within a few days.

And it’s the same in business.

Sometimes the difference between someone with all the money and someone that is struggling financially is just one inch.

So is it possible for someone, only 1% smarter than you, to have 100x more money than you?

From my experience, yes – it is.

In reality, they only need to have a very small advantage — just a slight edge.

Okay Dan, how do I get that slight edge?

Here’s what I tell my students…

Read a lot of books, purchase programs, go to events, surround yourself with positive people, learn from a mentor, and get outside of your comfort zone. 

For me, my first slight edge came when I found my first mentor, Alan Jacques

He taught me my first High-Income Skill. What I learnt from him in just a few months would have taken me years to learn without him.

And he gave me tough love when I needed to get out of my comfort zone…

So, what about you? 

How are you going to find your slight edge?

Dan Lok

The King Of High Ticket Sales™

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